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Round 2 distribution
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Goal: to increase community participation in Wikimedia Space


  • Personalized email to affiliate contact people
  • Personalized email to gender gap organizers
  • MassMessage to emerging community organizers
  • Social media posts

Task list

  • Create a mailing list for affiliate email campaign
  • Send email campaign to affiliates
  • Send Email campaign to gender gap organizers
  • Create list of emerging community organizers
  • Send MassMessage to emerging community organizers
  • Write social media posts
  • Share social media posts


Event Timeline

I managed to get a contact list for affiliates from Dumi. I will use this to send the message on Monday.

Looks great. Where do you envision the request for feedback from Space users to fit in? Would the topic we discussed posting be used to help build the list of emerging community organizers?

I asked María about the request at Are we promoting Wikimedia Space on projects?. She says that it is her understanding that this list of channels where Wikimedia Space has been announced already would be posted by Elena.

This is specifically about "keep a public record of where we have promoted Space, to allow Space users to identify gaps and make suggestions, or just take direct action to fill these gaps". María keeps working on promoting Space through mailings to individuals and through additional channels.

Is this distribution of work clear? Did I get it right?

Update on emailing affiliates: Dumisani is working on cross-checking all affiliates on the last updated list to have the affiliate agreement signed. After this, we will be able to use this list for distribution. He estimates that this process will be ready towards the end of the month.

Distribution is clear. I will plan to post a new topic about this within the few days (I have just made another big feedback ask on the forum so would like to wait a bit).

@elappen-WMF Assigning to you this task for now. Let's discuss if someone else should be working on it too.

As far as I know, this is not exactly the avenue we're pursuing for outreach at this point. I'd advocate for closing this task and opening a new one about creating a client list, and then maybe another one about outreach to those people in particular. What do you think @Qgil?

Qgil moved this task from Started to Evaluated on the Space (Jul-Sep-2019) board.