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CX2: Unable to restart a translation with the Content translation
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When using (Content translation/V2) it can't restart from a translation.

For example, one creates an article (with Content Translation/V2), but then tries to create it again, inserting the name of the article in the "New Translation" section, then clicking on "Start translating", the Previous article created appears (which is normal).

We return to the menu, then the article appears in the "In process" section, the article is deleted, we perform the previous steps from the "New translation" section but the article that had been previously created remains intact.

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Techso01 updated the task description. (Show Details)

thanks for the feedback. It seems this issue is the same that was captured in T192065: Starting a new translation is loading contents from a previously deleted one. So I'll combine the tickets, but feel free to add further comments if any details is missing.