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Create a tool to upload photos from free licensed twitter account to commons
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Create a tool to upload photos from free licensed Twitter accounts of Govt. of Odisha to Wikimedia Commons.

This is a wish-list of Odia Wikimedia Community.
The community has collaborated with Govt of Odisha to make some of their social social media accounts with free license.

The initial objective is to upload photos from Twitter account to Wikimedia Commons.

The tool is active at

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@Jnanaranjan_sahu You may be able to use existing tools to do this rather than wait for a friendly wizard to make something:

  1. Use an existing tool to scrape photos from individual twitter accounts e.g , it would be very helpful to grab some metadata/description with the image, maybe ask on for suggestions of tools?
  2. Use something like VicunaUploader to upload them (already exists, well documented)

Hope that helps

Actually I have built one.

It allows to upload photos from specific accounts. They are free licensed and have got OTRS token as well.

I am planning to approach more people/organisation to be included with this.

@Jnanaranjan_sahu Would it be possible to expand the tool to allow the user to type any Twitter handle? This tool could be a really useful tool for lots of people working on outreach

Yes, It is possible. Initially it has built to provide only accounts with free license OTRS taken. We have to analyse cons as well the process. These twitter accounts has OTRS taken and a template where it is clearly specifies the license. Accessing and uploading from any twitter account may lead to vandalism. I can actively add accounts and creating backend where some users with rights can add new accounts.

@Mrjohncummings Hi! I have extended the feature so that now users can upload photos from any account. You can test that now.

@Jnanaranjan_sahu : Is there a reason why this task was reopened? :)

I just commented to give an update. The task was reopened meanwhile. I have not intentionally done that. Sorry for that.