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Gather & Document Data QA Processes
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Goal: improve the quality of our data, increase efficiency of validating data.

To do this, we'd like to document/develop best practices for data QA so we can incorporate them into product development.

As you pair with analysts and product teams, please gather links to existing guidelines, representative tasks, and note your findings. We'll use this to build out the best practices.

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Discussions held with:
Jason, Megan, Mikhail, Nuria, Chelsy, Kate, Neil, Morten, Peter, Rummana so far.

Working on documenting detailed discussions with above individuals and shadowing with analysts on the following tasks:
Growth team : T227625
Editing team : T221254
Edit_hourly in Druid/Turnilo/Superset : T228721
iOS : T218933
Readers web team : T220016
Better Use of Data: design review for Modern Event Platform T185233

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Will get this done only by Q4. moving to backlog.