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Cassandra PHP driver evaluation
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Evaluate the PHP driver for Apache Cassandra. Determine it's suitability for use in Wikimedia projects, and identify any risks or shortcomings. The result of this evaluation should include a broad outline of the work needed (if any) to make the driver suitable for Wikimedia production use.

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Eevans created this task.Jul 17 2019, 3:54 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptJul 17 2019, 3:54 PM

@WDoranWMF @daniel @Pchelolo thoughts on using this as a 10% project?

I used some 10% time to have a (cursory) look at the Datastax PHP driver. Some observations:

  • It works™
    • Functionality is there
    • Interface seems reasonable
  • Packages from Datastax exist, but none that are usable by us (PHP 7.2 & Stretch/Buster)
  • Package from Debian exists, but is badly broken
    • Sid (unstable) only
    • No extension in the package
    • C++ library (build dependency) not packaged

From the current vantage point, the biggest blocker to making use of Cassandra from PHP would be deployment of the driver to machines in the fleet (made more complicated by the fact it is an extension). If we want to pursue this (I think we should; We should have this as an option), then some packaging should be done.

I propose we:

NOTE: Packaging the C++ driver for inclusion in Debian, and working within Debian to fix the PHP driver means that we do not need to go it alone, and maintain an internal build in perpetuity

@WDoranWMF If this seems reasonable, should I continue working on this as a 10% project, or should we plan it for some future sprint?

@Eevans Thanks for this, it looks like it might be worth taking it into account in relation to the Echo/Mainstash work. I'll add it the planning board and we can discuss it in the initiative planning meeting as future work.