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librsvg mishandles linear fills in rotated user coordinate system
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Steps to Reproduce:
Make a linearGradient element that works for translated user coordinate systems with the default gradientUnits="objectBoundingBox".

Then try the linear gradient in a rotated user space.


Actual Results:
The bottom three rotated rectangles of the image all show gradient fills, but the three rectangles are not identical.

Expected Results:
The bottom three rectangles should be identical.

The leftmost bottom rectangle is correct but was done with gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse".

The two rectangles to its right use objectBoundingBox and do not match. They do not have a white edge on the southeast.

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Glrx created this task.Jul 17 2019, 6:30 PM
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Confirming still on librsvg2-2.45.6 - feel free to upstream to

Glrx added a comment.Jul 18 2019, 3:49 PM GNOME 48 "[BZ#641823] transform="rotate(x)" causes incorrect gradient rendering."

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