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Remove deprecated akeytt()
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I think it is about time we truly removed akeytt() from wikibits.js. This function to update the tooltips and add keyboard shortcuts for them has been deprecated for a while. I have a patch that removes it, but I need to repair ajaxwatch.js which abuses this function.

Does anyone think we should provide a "dummy" function so that other scripts that are potentially using this function won't break ?

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Remove akeytt() function

ajaxwatch was using akeytt. However it was never updating the tooltip on wiki's that were not using the old ta Object to add tooltips and accesskeys. By now, that would be almost any wiki.

As such this updating of the tooltip functionality was broken on almost all wiki's and I consider it to be a separate issue if it needs fixing.

attachment akeytt.patch ignored as obsolete

Might be best to leave an empty stub function; that way any old scripts that call it will still run, just they won't get their tooltips added.

Created attachment 6597
Remove akeytt() function, but leave dummy

Same patch, but now leaving a dummy function in place.