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Delete (rather than archive) the maps/kartotherian and maps/tilerator repos
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Local forks of upstream, unused for years, replaced by different local super-fork of upstream, mediawiki/services/kartotherian. No need to keep them floating around.

(Note the …/deploy repos remain active as the deploy targets for now.)

I've killed them from CI already.

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Which repos need deleting and where? (Gerrit, Phab, or both?) :-)

Which repos need deleting and where?

The ones in the title. :-)

(Gerrit, Phab, or both?) :-)

They're in both. Not sure if they're mirrored into GitHub too.

Thank you. While I can delete repos on Gerrit and on GitHub (deleting repos on Phabricator requires @mmodell's CLI I think) I am kind of nervous to do it myself (GitHubs I've deleted were mirrors where if you made a mistake replication could save me :-) )

So they can decide about the deletions on Gerrit.

So they can decide about the deletions on Gerrit.

as long as the contents are truly no longer needed and the history of mw/services/kartotherian is canonical, then sure, delete away.

maps/(kartotherian|tilerator)/package remain active as well.

Not opposed to delete the deprecated ones mentioned in this ticket.

Alright. Given that there's agreement from @Jdforrester-WMF, @MSantos and @Mholloway that

be deleted from Gerrit, instead of just archiving them, I'll delete them when I've got a minute.

I can also delete GitHub mirrors, if they exist.

Deleting the Phabricator repositories requires @Aklapper or @mmodell running a CLI script. I'll assign the task to one of them after completion of the steps above.

Not sure when it happened, but maps/kartotherian/package is wrongly archived.


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I've added a To-Do list at the top of the task for you to verify before going ahead and deleting the repo on Gerrit and elsewhere. This is non-reversible so I want to be sure before going ahead.

I have deleted maps/kartotherian and maps/tilerator Gerrit repos.

Jdforrester-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thanks to whoever did the GitHub deletions. I was going to handle them after a while just in case we needed to restore the repos :-) Looks everything is done. Thanks for your patience. Best regards.

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"No need to keep them floating around." turned into new issues such as T233989. Maybe it's better to just archive in the future.