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Multilingual campaign text
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At present, the user can only enter fields like "title", "short description", "long description" etc in one language.

So this will not change when the end user changes the interface language.

We need some way for the campaign manager to translate all of the fields in the create/update campaign form.

Ideally this should be linked to TranslateWiki to allow an easy way for them to crowdsource help

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Change 579066 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gabrielchihonglee; owner: Gabrielchihonglee):
[labs/tools/Isa@master] Allow multilingual campaign name

Gabrielchl subscribed.

The above patch allows multilingual campaign name, if it's fine, i'll then extend it to cover short and long description.
The multilingual campaign name is stored as a json string. Older version of campaign names will still be supported (a.k.a. doesn't break the script).
It'll try to show the campaign name as the user's language, if not available, it'll try to show 'en', if also not available, it'll show it as the first possible language.

Aklapper subscribed.

@Gabrielchl: Hi, are you still working on this? Any idea which ISA maintainer or developer could provide a patch review?

(the patch attached would allow for a multilingual campaign name (completing part of this task), given the conflicts, I'll abandon that patch, which can be reapplied later on)

Change 579066 abandoned by Gabrielchihonglee:

[labs/tools/Isa@master] Allow multilingual campaign name


conflicts, never got +2