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Decrease number of open tickets with assignee field set for more than two years (aka cookie licking) (March-June 2020 edition)
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Jul 20 2019, 11:16 PM
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F31097912: Quick Survey at Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019
Nov 18 2019, 2:50 PM
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  • People assign open tasks to themselves and then do not follow up to get these tasks resolved. So these tasks stay open for years without much progress, as nobody else plans to work on a task, as it looks like someone is already working on a task. This is called "cookie licking".

Original Proposal

  • Send an email to assignees who have open tasks assigned to themselves for a long time, and ask them to update.
  • After a few weeks, send a second and final email, as a reminder.
  • If assignees do not react, reset the assignee field of these tasks. Then email these folks again and include a link to the list of tasks that they have just been unassigned from, to still allow them reclaiming if needed/wanted.


Is this something to discuss somewhere? Probably yes. Done via a quick survey in November 2019, see T228575#5671973 below.

Existing insufficient stuff

Existing stuff in the Phab user interface (which does not cover what we want):

Actual implementation

  • Pull data via SQL from DB (tasks; assignees; assignees' email addresses).
  • Send an email per assignee who have open tasks assigned to themselves for a long time.
    • Rough script to create mbox formatted emails:
    • Get current epoch ($EPOCH1) via date +%s (for later)
    • Then get tasks for the last two years (63072000 seconds; exclude tasks with Patch-For-Review): SELECT u.userName, ue.address, FROM phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_task t JOIN phabricator_user.user u JOIN phabricator_user.user_email ue JOIN phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_transaction ta WHERE (ta.transactionType = "reassign" AND ta.dateModified < (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 63072000)) AND u.phid = SUBSTR(ta.newValue, INSTR(ta.newValue, 'PHID-USER-'), 30) AND ta.objectPHID = t.phid AND t.ownerPHID = u.phid AND (t.status = "open") AND ue.userPHID = u.phid AND ue.isPrimary = 1 AND t.phid NOT IN (SELECT e.src FROM phabricator_maniphest.edge e WHERE e.type = 41 AND e.dst = "PHID-PROJ-onnxucoedheq3jevknyr") ORDER BY u.userName, ta.dateModified;
      • (Note: Task might have been un- and re-assigned to same person in the meantime so list might not be completely correct when it comes to sheer numbers, but that is no problem.)
    • See T228575#6237124 for actual final text of that first email.
  • Wait a few weeks
  • Send a second and final email, as a reminder:
    • We don't want additional tasks (and assignees) which passed that 2y threshold only between the first and this reminder email, as it is supposed to be a reminder. Hence: Use $EPOCH1 of first email (e.g. 2020-03-18 = 1584546180), get current epoch $EPOCH2 (e.g. 2020-05-20 = 1589995301), then subtract $EPOCH2-$EPOCH1 (e.g. 1589995301-1584546180), add the result to 63072000, and replace 63072000 in the initial query above by 68521121 (63072000+5449121) when re-running the query.
    • See T228575#6237124 for actual final text of that second email.
  • Wait a few weeks
  • Finally unassign:
    • Get current epoch ($EPOCH3) via date +%s
    • Must run query again (but we only need task IDs this time), as reassignments could have happened in the meantime. (Hence, replace 63072000 again by adding the result of $EPOCH3-$EPOCH1 (1592577000-1584546180 = 8030820; 63072000+8030820 = 71102820): SELECT FROM phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_task t JOIN phabricator_user.user u JOIN phabricator_maniphest.maniphest_transaction ta WHERE (ta.transactionType = "reassign" AND ta.dateModified < (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 71102820)) AND u.phid = SUBSTR(ta.newValue, INSTR(ta.newValue, 'PHID-USER-'), 30) AND ta.objectPHID = t.phid AND t.ownerPHID = u.phid AND (t.status = "open") AND t.phid NOT IN (SELECT e.src FROM phabricator_maniphest.edge e WHERE e.type = 41 AND e.dst = "PHID-PROJ-onnxucoedheq3jevknyr") ORDER BY ta.dateModified;
    • Construct URL from task IDs like,y,z#R. Make sure to set Page Size to a large value otherwise we only get the first 100 results.
    • Mass-reset the assignee field of these tasks (and add a task comment explaining the action: This task was assigned more than two years ago. Resetting task assignee due to inactivity in order to avoid cookie-licking. Please feel free to assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically work or plan to work on this task - it would be welcome! (Two emails were sent to the address of the task assignee's user account before unassigning. See T228575 for more info or potential feedback.)).

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T126583: Dumping of older revisions contained in xml files should not need db query
T129682: Look into solutions for replaying traffic to testing environment(s)
T130687: OCG should load data-mw from a separate API call alongside the body content
T131232: Figure out a process to set up our logging on people's dev installs.
T131528: Challenge use of <a> instead of <button> elements in current library for button representing interface elements
T132114: Clarify (establish) CSS attribute selector guideline
T131826: Evaluate the Open API of Naver for external translation server of CX
T131567: Challenge toggleSwitchWidget with accessible form inputs
T132815: Develop a RESTBase Cassandra cluster capacity planning document
T132708: Allow blacklisting services against a "quick" service reset.
T133029: Fine-grained geolocation for looking up common languages in ULS
T135153: Allow Sites and Interwiki facilities to be configured consistently
T133547: set up automated HTML (restbase) dumps on francium
T135154: Maintenance script to convert between different representations of interwiki / sites info
T135147: Make the domain model implemented by Site/SiteLookup/SiteStore more flexible
T135156: Create a SiteStore that can write JSON and PHP files
T136143: Add IRC-like commands - /kick and /ban for MediaWikiChat extension
T137782: Automatic process for data collection and visualisation
T136371: Design shortcomings of WikimediaUI widgets overview (M101) (tracking)
T136676: Test Compact Language Links
T136677: Deployment of Compact Language Links
T140977: Dump public data from all sql tables that have mixed public/private data
T139645: Per-site configuration system for reports_bot
T142844: Collect droppable tombstone ratio metrics
T142295: Need for re-caching even in cases where user groups are not accessed!?
T144060: Write blog post with update on situation monument database and related tools, wikidata migration
T145470: Fix soft credit to not require an email
T144639: Propose metrics along with qualifiers for the press kit
T146860: Show image name completely
T146857: [Juror] Add the option for leaving comments for each photo
T146295: [Spike] investigate contribution tracking data (was Engage import failing to import certain significant fields)
T147505: [tracking] CirrusSearch: what is updated during re-indexing
T147739: archivebot.str2time does not respect minutes and months
T147760: Blog post: Montage
T147533: Automation support to prevent close (indistinguishable) colors from being added to CSS/Less
T148000: Challenging `text-shadow` on disabled elements
T147910: Change all dates and time in UI to UTC
T149667: Build an article annotation service
T149067: Allow sorting by filters in vote editing mode
T149534: Scaling the MediaWiki database schema
T149894: do proof of concept dump of one wiki via analytics infra
T149804: Review of ferm services without srange
T150034: move the buttons up in the image viewer
T151739: Fix article loading (restbase config?) in contenttranslation Vagrant role
T154801: Investigate varnishd child crashes when multiple nodes get depooled/pooled concurrently
T153265: Language converter source text and language names cannot use <nowiki> escaping.
T153141: Slow query on contribution dashboard
T157152: Visual Editor adds erroneous text "PMC" to citation template pmc= parameter
T155395: Create documentation about the proper use of the dependency injection infrastructure in MediaWiki
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T159174: Don't allow null characters in wikitext (or in HTML output)
T159514: Who are the target users of our documentation
T159216: [Hackathon doc sprint] Beginner documentation about Wikidata
T159217: [Hackathon doc sprint] Lua for Wikimedians
T160903: Embedding the Query Service in Medium
T160861: Find a UX Designer for the international team
T160941: Improve SSH access information in onboarding documentation
T161768: Switching to edit conflict screen should make the save dialog pending (before the page gets reloaded)
T161645: Upstream remaining Civi fixes
T163076: Explore partnership and collaboration opportunities with Global Heritage Fund
T164457: [Hackathon doc sprint] Overview of Wikidata Help:Contents
T164295: Donatewiki: add device type to utm_campaign when utm_medium = email
T164458: [Hackathon doc sprint] Answer the question "How can I help on Wikidata?"
T164461: [Hackathon doc sprint] A step-by-step process for the Query Service
T164463: [Hackathon doc sprint] Track the outdated info about Lua
T164462: [Hackathon doc sprint] Improve doc about arbitrary Wikidata access on Wikipedia
T164464: [Hackathon doc sprint] Tutorial: my first infobox on Wikipedia (using Wikidata)
T164467: [Hackathon doc sprint] Strategy to make Wikibase installation easier
T165650: Directly use the WikimediaUI values in the WikimediaUI theme in OOUI, rather than via copy-paste
T164739: Allow page previews to display in wiktionary
T165737: [Hackathon doc sprint] Wikidata front page design recommendations
T165740: system continuity and disaster recovery
T165752: Cleanup Wikidata sidebar
T167306: ospf link-protection
T165989: Update and maintain Wikidata:Introduction
T171021: Slow query on live
T171680: CiviCRM phpunit tests failing on second run
T171703: Silverpop Figure out how to deal with merged contacts mailing records
T173143: Investigate "greet pause" delay in Exim
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T173291: Create a step-by-step guide for countries to transfer data to Wikidata
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T176378: JavaScript pages should not be put in Category:Pages using invalid self-closed HTML tags
T176428: Search Relevance test #4 - action items
T178048: Investigate and reduce resource use by rsync of dumps between peers, labs, mirrors
T177408: Easter Egg: wikistats classic style on wikistats 2.0
T179105: Change new storage strategy defaults for Cassandra compression
T180572: Show first drafts of solutions for the page protection
T180368: Usability Improvements for Language Box (aka Term Box)
T181057: Make the Pattypan upload tool for Wikimedia Commons ready to work with Structured Commons as well
T182117: Blog post - How Spain is focusing on less visited monuments through Wiki Loves Monuments
T182118: Blog post - The story of Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine
T183713: Move WLM-IL tasks to Wikidata
T183139: Adapt CX configuration to use v1 and v2 at a same time
T183978: [Epic] Fundraising kafkatee changes
T183780: Elhuyar - Wikispeech - eu
T185108: Refactor query parsing logic
T185055: Stack overflow when Redis is down
T185180: Ensure presence in events for community outreach initiatives
T185239: Puppet hosts with signed certificate present on agent but not master
T185337: rack spare switches in c1-eqiad
T186242: Math extension should follow Best practices for extensions
T186552: Create alerts for bastion hosts - Usage and latency
T189150: Document the process for onboarding collaborators with NDA
T189368: Create a tool to upload to Commons icons previously downloaded from The Noun Project
T189506: Evaluate usages of mw.wikibase.getEntity
T35186: Provide a well-performing API to rotate an image
T382: RfC: Server-side Javascript error logging
T92839: fix up log retention on log collection/storage hosts
T91357: Update server-side JS error-logging RfC
T104973: misspelling must not pipe the changed link
T106703: Track reports from dewiki about CX generated content and other feedback
T96267: Possible to globally rename the same user twice (race condition)
T106876: Refactor reports_bot
T107914: Migrate content translation to the REST API
T113034: RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap
T110066: finish and automate data retention scripts
T113560: Standardize MediaWiki components (tracking)
T113352: ErfgoedBot does not properly categorize French monuments images
T113847: ErfgoedBot should not add a category if it is a subcategory of a category already there
T116666: Allow reports_bot to operate on more than just English Wikipedia
T116275: DM/DOM sync can break if you use an IME
T116680: Support generation of reports based on arbitrary lists of pages
T128520: What already available software can we build on for a job scheduler?
T118917: [GOAL] Basic styles implemented with base CSS & accompanying HTML
T136164: Allow ULS mapping one language code to several languages
T129284: Content Translation fails to load (and publish) articles at
T135149: Implement a SiteLookup based on a nested array structure.
T128911: Update Sentry to 8.2.2
T140754: Write learning pattern about how to organize an online contest for Wikipedia/Wikidata
T136208: liangent-php is using 348G on Tools
T139237: [HeaderTabs] Accessing the .cssRules on an undefined var results in problems for later js
T141908: Jury cannot be added to multiple contest
T141192: Rate on gallery feature for the jury tool
T143206: List requirements needed for task/job/workflow manager.
T143205: Draft usage scenarios for job/workflow manager
T141910: Transfer WLX to Tools
T143870: Some mw snapshot hosts are accessing main db servers
T143207: Evaluate software packages for job/task/workflow management
T145365: Zoom and image move commands not loading properly: "Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on prpZoom prior to initialization"
T146853: [Coordinator] Import from Commons form
T145872: Postmortem on WLM-RU photos deleted from Commons
T146861: Change photo size based on thumbnail size on view
T147724: Improve performance for those on low-bandwidth connections
T147911: Disable add round option unless the previous round is finished
T148349: Round report cannot be opened in a readable way in a spreadsheet
T148593: Spike: Central Notice: Consider options for monitoring versions of banners shown
T148579: Define and implement DropdownWidget font-weight consistently
T159281: Plan (yet unnamed) WLM dashboard project
T149472: Logging in on IE doesn't work
T151727: Port cache_output from compat
T166586: Consistently check permission for entity creation
T163203: Update CX to use the new Restbase provided public API instead of CXServer
T160529: Sender email spoofing
T167900: publicpolicy@ listserv link on throws error "There was no hidden token in your submission or it was corrupted."; people cannot subscribe
T173162: Lobby WCA for a pro-goat position
T179140: consider special scenarios for interlanguage links on the main page
T178957: [2018] Reconsider the scheme for participating campaigns
T173783: Get Malaysia into the monuments database
T182811: "Ahozko euskal literatura" eremua lantzeko proposamena
T185902: Unbreak the "whitespace preservation with wrapped comments and language links" unit test so we can uncomment it
T352: Run the requested stats on Square bounding boxes
T187393: Wikidata items touched by humans per class
T17889: Write and run script to find non-existent images on Wikimedia wikis
T95144: Avoid exposure of user IP addresses (tracking)
T34950: Use jQuery.suggestions to add reason suggestions to block/delete/protect forms
T91221: Migrate AWB to using JSON instead of XML for API requests
T78436: Evaluate license text display per use case
T99915: [bug] Banners adding themselves to some buckets
T99568: [Migrated] Change to use {{Official website}}
T100372: CentralNotice mobile modules should not be loaded in the head
T100443: [Migrated] Allow advanced find and replace entries to be marked minor
T105227: Setup interwiki searching via the cirrussearch role
T105594: add ULS for language selection to TestLanguageNameGrammar
T104589: Enabling a second wiki in an already provisioned instance does not initialize cirrussearch for that wiki
T108414: Load API request count and latency data from Hadoop to a dashboard
T111334: WLM lists in (it,it) use year-specific templates
T112931: Improve readability, reliability of Special:TimedMediaHandler reports
T112274: SF's #autoedit should bypass CAPTCHAs
T112987: Separating infoboxes and navboxes from article content
T112984: Real Time Collaborative Editing
T113004: Make it easy to fork, branch, and merge pages (or more)
T114679: EXTERNAL: Name field hide on iframe & Iframe translations
T114883: Warning on repeated template parameters should use error class
T115218: Move test cases for grammar forms from JS and PHP to common data files
T115149: Make CentralAuth work with login via email address feature
T115814: Talk with Internet Archive folks about simplifying video importing, IA-side WebM transcoding
T117334: Add way for users to force clear cache
T122468: No license specified for apps/win8/wikipedia
T122241: Turn off the recurrent ContentTranslation beta feature invitation while creating a new article in Russian Wikipedia
T122858: img_auth.php doesn't support Range header requests (partial content / byte ranges)
T123350: 74 contributions not visible in the UI
T123889: Semantic Drilldown Globals aren't set properly and break web-based upgrade
T124909: WLX Jury tool "full screen" mode
T124910: WLX Jury tool custom or extra keyboard shortcuts
T128563: Audio player not rendered
T127178: Query parameter will break if an Ampersand (&) is part of the page title
T128244: [Epic] Link recommendation
T130068: Probably cause of failmail deadlocks - soft credit search pain
T131491: Define which new WLM features we would really want and assess the feasibility
T128744: (Temporary) Fix for radiobuttons not working with mapping templates
T131664: Allow translations at via mobile chat apps
T131732: Ensure WLM tools hosted on heritage are accessible
T131882: Research automated accessibility testing into build process of base.css
T132640: CentralNotice: Slurp up existing wild cookies and copy them to LocalStorage or delete them
T133064: Make the chat bot code less dependent on Telegram
T133446: Improve media playback documentation
T133487: Summarize current state of video projects, prep for partner outreach
T133463: Check status of media uploaded converters on tool labs for Wiki From Above
T134880: Deal with no longer used noicon/noplayer mode of TMH
T134224: Dedupe revert follow up - link to a merge that I did from my record is confusing
T135090: CentralNotice: finalize list of wild useless cookies for slurp, and push config change
T135626: Feature: Add header and footer to #drilldowninfo
T135721: Feature: $sdgDisableFilterCollapsible
T135720: Support for i18n int strings (throug int option)
T135713: Hide SD filters without values
T136748: Address interface sizing issues on different base font size calculations for thorough consistency in MediaWiki projects
T137710: Drilldown result query is ignoring current language
T138515: Migrate to using CLDR as a library instead of as an embedded installation
T138648: Reference implementation: Integration of BlueSpice with Lua
T140250: Create GANT - chart for process steps in GLAM batch uploads
T140694: Don't reject messages on unknown database error
T141617: Documentation: UML activity and sequence diagrams for all processors
T142984: Review lists of config/sysctl recommendations by "kernel self-protection project"
T143269: Strange asterisks by citations
T145127: Design-Mobile Personas
T145309: MediaWikiChat kicking doesn't remove the offending person from the sidebar
T147604: Cross-functional support for rich media
T148734: Moving associated content out of the wikitext
T145627: ErfgoedBot adds category with localised prefix
T147541: Consider `text-emphasis` usage instead of `italics` in UI for languages like Japanese or Chinese
T148735: [Session] Add direct answers to Wikipedia search
T149255: Fix unicode issue in backoffice receipts (follow up from T137496)
T149659: Grunge, or "zoom"
T149660: Glossaries, pronunciations, and dictionaries
T149665: UX to create safe spaces
T149663: Next Steps for Real Time Collaboration
T150388: Write a script to generate fail mail when integrity checks fail
T151051: Apache in mediawiki-docker(wikimedia/mediawiki) crashes because the Apache was complaining about MEDIAWIKI_RESTBASE_URL
T152164: Create a log for SpamRegex at Special:Log/regexspam
T152465: Investigate options for "one site link per item limitation" problem
T152253: SpamRegex should provide a reason in the edit form when someone submits an edit but triggers the filter (in action=submit)
T153127: Slow query: dedupe script
T153043: Align Vector skin with WikimediaUI color palette
T153259: Ability to turn off the botflag
T154300: Use UTF-8 encoding instead of HTML entity for 'NO-BREAK SPACE' (U+00A0)
T153330: Wikidata module (tracking)
T155939: MediaWikiChat behaves oddly when having multiple chat sessions open up at the same time
T154945: Slow CiviCRM query
T155084: Slow log in - looks like it's drupal cron
T155308: The RSS extension is using wrong tag to get the entry URL in Atom feeds
T156339: Show links to downloadable files in the import log
T156975: Make parameter for display quantity precision
T156399: CentralNotice: Add region geolocation parameter to beacon/impression URL
T157352: Automatic page renaming if page name is based on template fields, which change
T157271: Web-based AutoWikiBrowser alternative
T157649: Partition the transclusions topic in ChangeProp
T158867: Comments getting lost in ranking round Montage
T157778: Meetings with staff members about the week
T159064: SocialProfile - Create a maintenance script for updating TopUsers for site system administrators
T159255: Draft Documentation for Community Banner design guidance
T159365: Polish and document the AddMe gadget used in the Developer Wishlist
T159118: Go through Dev Guidelines feedback and update
T159818: Add Read me to repository tool-editathonstat
T159367: Publish remarkup-wikitext converter script used for Developer wishlist as a library
T159950: Bug with SemanticDrilldown 2.0.2 and PostgreSQL - no function YEAR()
T161188: Editing-Lang CX translation tool + templates hybrid testing sessions
T160952: Generate Language-converted section anchors/ids
T161189: Fix issues found during Content Translation templates research
T162015: Look at what could/should be done about reporting biggest photo competition
T161847: [Monument] Open Wikimedia Commons images in lightbox
T162985: Add integration with image request tool
T162329: Audiences well addressed?
T163692: Have puppet create Prometheus LVs
T164229: NewUsersList <newusers> will show an avatar of the same user more than once on output
T165369: Additional template support (table, equation, quotations, etc)
T165367: Improve on search/dictionary feature on right panel
T165373: Engage users more widely to correct and hone existing template language/labels
T165371: Unclear errors are shown in the Content Translation template editor
T165375: Evaluate if appropriate to keep (X) button for exiting templates
T165530: Style Guide: Answers to your user interface question
T165385: Conversion template in target language
T165379: Extra text after conversion template in article
T165731: Add debug/verbose mode to COH-migration tool
T165850: Add all Russian monuments to Wikidata
T166885: [dk-fortids] Fix missing municipality in Danish wp
T166502: [se-fornmin] Clean up commented-out articles in svwp lists
T165899: Consider P1545 qualifiers when sorting items from Wikidata
T166886: [dk-fortids] Add missing municipality to Guldborgsund Kommune items.
T167484: "Add drilldown links" parameter for automatic Special:Drilldown links (in particular for Lists of String)
T167246: Refactor "user" & "user_text" fields into "actor" reference table
T171818: MultiselectWidget: Users don't press enter after entering, never see capsules
T169853: Communications Strategy WMSE
T172338: Hide ORES review letter from the change list legend.
T172741: Tool "montage" loads fonts from google
T172339: Componentization-lite of Extension:ORES UI and API
T172971: Tool "wikidata-slicer" loads fonts from google
T172399: Tool "corenlp" loads assets from google, cloudflare, bootstrapcdn
T173017: [Hackathon doc sprint] Add Wikidata link to more OpenStreetMap Wiki pages
T174349: Allow tag filter on Special:RecentChanges and Watchlist to be inverted (enable the not operator)
T175011: Write learning pattern on writing blog posts with partners
T175111: Haarlem monument displays incorrectly in
T175773: Make a TechCom RfC about proposed way to add a 'Reverted' feature
T175676: No error message when upload fails
T176537: Remove previous executive director from internal systems
T176576: and gives Error 500
T176842: Blip followed by low volume in generated audio
T176740: Follow-up around the planned Wikipedia course with ABF
T178297: SemanticDrilldown does not recognize property type external identifier.
T178561: Update Nordic museeum landing page
T179856: Improve documentation for
T179496: [by-be-tarask] Base class for Belarus
T180008: [rs-sr] Upload Serbia monuments
T180531: Attempt to replicate replag issue in a simple piece of code to allow upstreaming of bug
T181090: Epic: Can the engage import dedupe on import?
T181545: "Other review tools" is not working when JS is disabled on desktop
T181451: RFC: WebAssembly and compiled JS code best practices
T183132: Conduct survey about the Northern Sami Wikipedia
T181688: Figure out a way to increase gateway time outs on import jobs
T181811: Stat1005 BH data issue?
T183213: Page Forms review checklist
T184249: Mapping user to percentage contribution in each article edited by him/her
T184248: Tool + OAuth Setup
T183639: Design Mockup
T184424: Deprecated DIProperty methods were removed from Semantic MediaWiki
T184250: Obtaining User Info
T184436: Upload Sami bibliography to Wikidata
T184823: Omnimail recipient load tripping over non-downloaded file
T185578: Upload Sámi placenames to Wikidata
T185823: Implementation of badges module
T185824: Implementation of Achievements module
T186066: Prometheus overall enqueued metric not accurate
T186068: Specify the specific types of Prometheus metrics using the #TYPE comment
T186770: Clean up unused suffixes
T186282: Add ability to create labels to contribution search
T186772: Graphs module + time filters
T187647: Adding cache layer
T187648: UI for WikiCV main page
T188560: Improve speed in creating pdfs by fixing the attempt to load css by http
T187753: Update Hungarian language assets
T188712: Slice a subset of the Freebase for the back end v2
T188714: Estimate how many Freebase non-curated statements would be blacklisted
T188715: Compute the Freebase curation ratio per property
T188718: Decide a threshold per property to cut out Freebase statements
T189443: Add help texts to the UI fields
T189683: Investigate adding Tromholt collection to Commons
T189802: Contributors-VE Visual Diffs II
T190007: Contributors-Collaboration new editors research follow-up
T190008: Design-Mobile Personas Hackathon supplement?
T167066: New wikistats interface takes minutes to load the mediawikis list
T241152: Do not assign IABot tasks by default to Cyberpower678
Mentioned Here
T248034: Decrease issues created many years ago with no recent activity (aka stale tickets)
T130689: Google's services should load data-mw from a separate API call to RESTBase
P8842 cookie-licked tasks (open tasks which have had the same assignee for four years or more)

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