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InternetArchiveBot adds template twice as {{Dead{{Dead instead of {{Dead on srwiki
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Introduction to the report of bug
User @Obsuser reported on my talk page (Разговор_са_корисником:Zoranzoki21&diff=22034731&oldid=22033370) bug with InternetArchiveBot and provided diff where we can see it: so, I open this task per policy for reporting bugs.

Expected behaviour
Bot should add template once for one reference, no twice with closing tag only for one.

Actual behaviour
It adds same template twice, what he shouldn't do. Мртва means Dead

Event Timeline

Zoranzoki21 triaged this task as High priority.Jul 21 2019, 12:22 PM

I turn off bot temporarily on srwiki via web interface.

I cannot replicate this bug. It could have been a glitch as a result of a prior, now fixed bug. There was a template embedded into the link, which I removed.

Nevermind, I just reproduced it on my end.

So there's quite a bit of syntax malformation on the page, but I added some safeties to work around them. They should be ready when beta16 is fully released.

Cyberpower678 closed this task as Resolved.Sun, Aug 18, 3:21 PM
Cyberpower678 claimed this task.