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Some abuse log entries before 2013 are lost
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Step to reproduce:

You will see the "Action parameters" are empty.

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Daimona renamed this task from Abuse log before 2013 are lost to Some abuse log entries before 2013 are lost.Jul 22 2019, 12:41 PM

Not all entries are lost, for instance on itwiki I can correctly view some 2009 entries. The patch linked could have caused it, but that was going in the right direction. T213006 could also fix this bug, or we may add code to fix it if needed.

Logstash has nothing about those AbuseFilter entries. This query reveals that the var dump is saved as text. So, could someone please use the fetchText.php script to see what's stored for ID 547320917?

Actually, there's a related error on Logstash, which is the same as T187153. Although that's a fatal happened this morning, while now I can open the page without fatals (although vars are empty). I believe this could be PHP7-only, but either way, it should be fixed by T213006.

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Working now.