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Event Stream & Schema Documentation: MEP Deployment Processes
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In order to deploy, modify, or decommission instrumentation, product teams will be asked to navigate a set of processes for event stream configuration and event schema, often both at once. This is inherently more complicated than the current process, which only modifies a single artifact (an event schema), and does that on-wiki in a familiar interface. This documentation is needed to make the new workflows more approachable and less of a burden. If that can't be done, it will jeopardize adoption.

Given the current ease-of-use, it's important for this replacement's documentation to focus on:

  • Streamlining as much as possible without sacrificing safety
  • Being usable by those who may not deploy software very often
  • Illustrating the advantages of the processes, and how to use them

The goal is relative self-service, ultimately reducing the total time to deployment by cutting down on consultations.
See: Product Usage Guidelines for MEP
See: working draft (on-wiki)

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This task was created to track progress on the document which is now released for comment (although the description doesn't seem to indicate this). It will be picked up again in renewed form during Q2 in a different task. Since that document has reached public comment phase successfully, I'm marking this as resolved.