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Go through the Wikimania wiki
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Read through all the pages on the Wikimania wiki and see if they are easy to understand, if the structure is good and if they should link between each other. What pages are hard to find but important and how could we make them easier to find?

There are translations into Swedish on most of them but the priority is the English pages as everybody (including Swedish) translate from them as the base.

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  • Information for those who have received scholarships is especially important.
  • Information about how to get from the airport, to the hotel, to the venue.
  • Link from sidebar to Friday session, and Community village
  • Check the categories, are they good?
  • Look at the wiki from last year to see that there is nothing important missing
  • Check if more pages need drop down heading, like Program

Write down things that need to be documented for next year.

I didn't manage to put a full 8 hours into this, and the hours I did spend were spread out over several days. This resulted in only small changes being made, mainly in the travel guide.