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Merge the Phabricator Priority values "Low" and "Lowest"
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Aklapper, Jul 23 2019


Our definitions of Priority levels are mostly a chain of "lower than the previous higher value". Which isn't too great.

I'd call the current definition of "low" unrealistic: "Less priority than Normal, but someone is still planning to work on it." IMO that's often not really the case because resources are only in FOSS theory unlimited, but not in practice.

"Lowest" sounds belittling and demotivating, so I'm sure that many people do not set it, also to avoid follow-up discussions with disappointed task authors etc.

In reality, I do not see a real difference between "Low" and "Lowest" so I propose to merge them into "Low", and give "Low" the current definition of "Lowest": "Nobody plans to work on this task, but we would be happy if someone does." Because if we were not happy that someone works on a task it means that we do not want to see the task resolved, and that means the task should have "declined" status.

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Aklapper triaged this task as Low priority.Jul 23 2019, 1:54 PM
Aklapper created this task.

I'd prefer to rename lowest to later or wishlist instead or removing it. Thanks.

I'd prefer to rename lowest to later

Every task is later than now (as long as you cannot travel back in time). My immediate thought would be "Later than what?" And there is no "sooner" priority.

or wishlist instead

In my experience "wishlist" semantically collides with "feature request" for some folks. Plus the complete list of all open tasks is already a "wishlist". And if I have a task that was on, say, some Community Wishlist, must the task always have "wishlist" priority? I hope not.

or removing it

That's what I kind of propose (by merging it into "Low").

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