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Empty diff does not show "(No difference)" when it's retrieved from cache
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When an empty diff is retrieved from cached the (No difference) text is not shown. When first viewing the diff the text is visible.

This seems to be independent from the diff engine. I could reproduce it with wikidiff2 and the default diff. See example below:

Not shown:
There is a html comment where "(No difference)" should be shown: <!-- diff cache key enwiki:diff:wikidiff2:1.12:old-907473226:rev-907513441:1.8.1 -->

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I just had a quick look at this to check if it's a wikidiff2 specific problem. Seems not to be the case.

The general observation is that whenever the diff view is cached the (No difference) text does not show. - When it's not already cached ( e.g. when you see the diff for the first time ) (No difference) is visible. - This can be reproduced with every diff that has no difference. First viewing the diff shows the text, second time not.


@A2093064 I will change the ticket to reflect what I just found out. I hope that's ok.

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