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Hide structured data on file pages for remote repositories
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We have this: On file pages for images on other image repositories (e.g., the Structured Data tab appears, but does not function (i.e., it does not show structured data).

We want this: One of the following:

  • The tab is not shown when the file is not local

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The Structured Data tab does not appear on InstantCommons and remote repository file pages

During development, please test the following:

  • Test this feature while logged in AND logged out
  • Test this feature on at least one mobile browser
  • Test that this feature works on the file page AND the Add Data step on UploadWizard (if applicable, some features only exist on one or the other)

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptJul 23 2019, 8:49 PM

I *think* this is a testcommons-specific edge case.
The SDC content should have 'display: none' by default on all other wikis, but since this one also has MediaInfo, it's actually getting displayed (but since it's not inside the own wiki's content div, it's not being hooked up properly)

We should probably discuss how we want instantcommons to deal with SDC data in the long run:

  • should they be displayed (caches may be an issue?)
  • should we allow edit-from-other-wiki (wiki policies may prevent this?)
  • not show them at all, and enforce it better than we are now (as evidenced by this ticket)
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