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Provide an option to restart the translation when the source article has changed too much
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When the original article for a translation has changed significantly a warning is shown to let the user know that the translation is not based on the latest version of the content. We want to provide also an option for users to start a completely new translation using the latest version of the source article.

This was captured in the original spec (T168287) but has not been implemented yet. Currently such option to restart the translation is not present (as illustrated in this video)

Design details

CX-warn-src-changed-details.png (720×1 px, 261 KB)

  • The "Restart the translation" action will discard the current contents and start a new translation with the most recent version of the article. A confirmation dialog will be shown to prevent accidental data loss (more details below).

Confirmation dialog

CX-restart-confirm.png (720×1 px, 242 KB)

  • A confirmation dialog will be shown after selecting the option to restart the translation: "Restart the translation? You will start a new translation for the most recent version of the page. All your changes will be lost."
  • Users can "cancel" to go back, or confirm and "restart the translation".

Event Timeline

The button to restart translation was introduced for T168287. We don't show the button when the article was already published.

By looking at the video attached, I see that there are no drafts, and when @Jpita started translation using "New translation" dialog, some sections are loaded indeed. That tells me that translation was published in the past. Looks like this works according to specification.

@Pginer-WMF, @Jpita thoughts?

@Pginer-WMF, @Jpita thoughts?

Thanks for the details. You are right. Now I noticed that T192065 has a note to support this behavior once the blocker is resolved:

I guess we can close this as invalid for now.