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Deletion of limn-language-data repository
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Hi @KartikMistry @Amire80

As announced, we've moved the queries in this repo to reportupdater-queries (see T222739: Move reportupdater queries from limn-* repositories to reportupdater-queries).

There are still a bunch of directories in this repo that don't appear to have changed in the las 3-4 years, and I wanted to know if these files are valuable to you or we can clean this repo up.

Thank you!

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They are definitely valuable, but we can probably move to some other repositories. Let me clean that up.

fdans moved this task from Incoming to Operational Excellence on the Analytics board.

@Amire80 ping on this, as we are planning on starting to clean up repos this week.

I stumbled across this task while finalising T316229: Decommission the ContentTranslation instruments using legacy EventLogging schemas, which decommissioned all of the legacy EventLogging schemas that hadn't been migrated to the Event Platform. The last remaining reference to those schemas appears to be limn-language-data's reference to ContentTranslationError, which I think can be safely tidied up. Am I correct? If so, I can submit the patch to do so.