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Ask users to add a (non hidden) category, if there are only hidden ones
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The FileImporter asks users to add a category to a file, if there is none yet (implemented via T189573). However, often times files have hidden categories (e.g. due to their licence template), so the warning is not triggered.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Show the advice to add at least one category to the file, if there is no visible one yet. Hidden categories have no effect on the "category count".

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May be a duplicate and already fixed. Needs verification.

thiemowmde renamed this task from Ask users to add a category, if there are no visible ones yet to Ask users to add a (non hidden) category, if there are only hidden ones.Sep 9 2019, 10:05 AM
thiemowmde added a project: WMDE-TechWish.
thiemowmde subscribed.

The logic in FileImporter\Html\CategorySnippet almost does what we want, but it only fires when both the visible categories and hidden categories are both empty. When we change this to only test the visible categories, we'll also need to change the way the output is concatenated, and the message body itself, since there are cases when we want to show hidden categories and also this warning.

I was surprised to not find any metrics for this under "recoverable errors". Maybe tracking is the next step?