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Wikibase references is a count of ref claims, should be reference statements
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[11:49:40] <ragesoss>
[11:49:47] <ragesoss>
[11:50:33] <ragesoss> ORES says 35 references and 20 unique ones, but I count only 19 total when I add up all the references on the item.


[12:18:01] <halfak> Aha!  We're counting up all of the claims in each reference!
[12:18:08] * Tpt[m] (tptmatrixo@gateway/shell/ has joined
[12:18:35] <halfak> Nice spot ragesoss.  I think that looking at reference *claims* is fine, but we want this feature to be limited to refs themselves.  Maybe we can have a different feature for ref claims.