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Arrange for hardware to present in the Library space
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We got informed about the technical requirements for presenting in the Library space: (T227165)

  • most of the projectors that will be available are VGA port connections
  • bring a laptop that supports VGA or a HDMI to VGA converter

Thus, we will have to:

  • Research what sort of connection our current laptop has

Alicia's laptop has a HDMI hole.

  • If needed, arrange needed hardware

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I would hope that there are adapters available at the venue to connect HDMI in general, if the projectors only have VGA. Maybe @Eric_Luth_WMSE knows or can make sure that's the case?

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE – we were asked to be prepared with our own hardware in case the convertors provided are not enough for the whole space. So better be safe than sorry :)

Alicia is going to purchase a converter.

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