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Add "sibling reference" constraint
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(Made-up name, looking for a better one.)

As suggested in this discussion, add constraint type for properties used in references which require another ("sibling") reference.

For example, "archive URL" should be used with "archive date".

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matej_suchanek added a subscriber: Xaris333.

Sounds reasonable to me as well. One could argue that this is a variant of the existing “item requires statement” constraint – see T175562: Check “conflicts with” and “item requires claim” constraints on qualifiers and references?.

abian added a subscriber: abian.Dec 5 2019, 5:02 PM

Side note/spoiler: This month I expect to sound out users in the context of the analysis on property constraints, with which we'll know what constraint types users most want, considering this one, the rest of subtasks of T213803, and others.