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Show multilingual contents from Wikidata in Navpopups
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As a prolific user of navpopups at many wikis, I'd like to be able to pull in the related high-level content from Wikidata, in multiple languages.

This would aid readers with language-learning,
and editors with disambiguation-page editing and intro-section writing.

E.g. if a user is hovering at links on w:en:Moon_(disambiguation), then they could see the:

  • Label -- Description -- Aliases

in any selected languages,
from Q405, Q2537, Q1460138, etc,
displayed below the normal page-preview

Desired config:
E.g. A user could set popupLang : en, de, fr, he to get them in that order.
And maybe also set popupValues : label, description, aliases, item(#) in case they don't want all of them. And plain property numbers for full config madness and specialist joy! :D

Design-wise: idk. Maybe append them to the bottom of the standard designs, in 3 columns like in Wikidata's "in more languages" box. It'd make them taller overall, but worth it I think.

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