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Clarify naming of library data projects
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In Phabricator, we have WMSE-Library-Data-2018 and #WMSE-Strategic-inclusion-of-bibliographical-data-on-Wikidata-2019.

If I remember correctly, the 2019 project was renamed to Biblioteksdata 2019 in our time reporting software after talking to @Jopparn to keep the pattern from 2018.

I suggest in Phabricator it's also called WMSE-Library-Data-2019. For no other reason that I'm used to starting to type L...

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@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Would there be issues with your tools if the project on Phabricator was re-named?

Not unless we need to run the start-of-year bot again, which we shouldn't. Even if we do, changing the name in Projekt 2018-2019 (nummer samt namn (engelska och svenska)) too should fix that.

I have no strong opinion. Please go ahead and change if it make your job easier.

Renamed to keep the WMSE-Library-Data- pattern.

Jopparn closed this task as Resolved.Aug 5 2019, 9:49 AM