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In big edit conflicts it should be easier to select one side as base for all paragraphs
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Unfortunately, I had to manually check every single box to override bot changes, about 60 of them. This tool absolutely needs a checkbox at the top that allows an editor to apply all changes in the right-hand version. Trust editors not to abuse this.

This is not an isolated incident, it happens to me often, including when reverting vandalism. This time was very time-consuming though, so I took the trouble to file a report here. Hope this helps.

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It should be fairly straightforward to create a user script for this - would that work?

That should do fine, but it would be nice to have a function in to select either side as a base...

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This needs input from WMDE-Design. Such a pair (?) of "select all" buttons might break the existing workflow. It makes it easy to essentially revert the previous edit – something that's intentionally not easy in the current UX. The placement of these buttons, labels and so one needs to be carefully picked.

As of now we are not sure if this should be part of the "before default" feature set.

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This should be considered and tested so I'll put it to before default.

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We're discussing that the need for this feature demonstrates a problem with our workflow. If there's one side of the chunk with no changes, perhaps we should automatically select the version where a change was made. In this case, we probably shouldn't add a "choose all from one side" button. This question needs design. We may follow-up in an investigation ticket.