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Improve the layout and speed of the Admin interface
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There are two problems with Wikilink's admin interface:

  • Some pages are very slow to load, particularly those which fetch the entire user list
  • It's slow to navigate because we don't keep any data in-line in other apps.

To solve the load speed issue we could load user data via raw_id_fields ( on the organisation page.

To improve the layout, we should have Collections be on the Organisation view via InlineModelAdmin. Likewise, we should add URLPatterns inline on Collection pages. See

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Hello everyone, I think this task is too broad for Google Code-In. Tasks should be clear in what is required to get the work approved, so the student knows what they need to do. You can, however, split this into several tasks, one per each improvement. You can inspire in task's description at T230935.

Samwalton9 added a comment.EditedTue, Oct 15, 2:53 PM

Great point! I'll make this clearer - haven't had a chance to do so for this year's GCI yet.

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