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2017WTE mishandles wiki markup in the section heading
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More specifically, on section=n generates an incorrect /* … */ link in the edit summary when encounters wiki markup in the section heading. The regular action=edit&section=n form doesn’t have this problem.


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Previously discussed in T162017, where we fixed handling of wiki markup for links, but not italic/bold. The italic/bold markup is much harder to handle, and we did not want to spend the effort into reimplementing parts of the wikitext parser just to create edit summaries.

The current code ( has this note:

Arguably, we should just throw this through the API and then do
the same extract-text pass we do in visual mode. Would save us
having to think about wikitext here.

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It looks like this is a child task to the one we just moved into the Freezer, T234982 due to a lack of capacity at this time. For that reason I am moving this task to the Freezer.