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add all remaining new pdus to netbox
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Please go ahead and do the following for all the remaining new PDUs in storage (and in our cage) that are not already installed into a rack. Exception: The new PDUs for ps1-a1-eqiad and ps2-a1-eqiad are already in the cage and sitting in the corner of the hot aisle for row A.

There are a total of 13 sets of C2L42CE & C2S42CE + 2 sets of C2S36TE-YCMFAM99 + C2L36TE-YCMFAM99.

We've already input 3 sets of C2L42CE & C2S42CE into netbox, and 1 set of C2S36TE-YCMFAM99 + C2L36TE-YCMFAM99.

We need the remaining 10 sets of C2L42CE & C2S42CE + 1 set of C2S36TE-YCMFAM99 + C2L36TE-YCMFAM99 asset tagged and have their serial numbers / model info / asset tags recorded to this task.

Example: When Chris and I were there last week, we already put in WMF5197 (as future-ps1-a1-eqiad but you won't be including hostnames for now, this way it is easier to install them later), which has a serial of ALFQ0000013 and a model of C2S36TE-YCMFAM99.

Please populate the information in this google sheet. Once that is all done, please assign this task to @RobH for followup. (@RobH will add to netbox via the import function and can review how to do this with you at that time.)

Checklist Steps

  • - All PDUs are unboxed and have asset tags affixed to them. (No hostnames.)
  • - This google sheet is updated with each unboxed, new, previously non-asset-tagged systems to the sheet.
  • - @RobH to work with @Jclark-ctr to instruct on netbox mass import of the new PDUs. Please note they will be added to netbox as the following: state planned, include purchase task of T223461 and purchase date of 2019-05-23, site eqiad, no rack assignment.
  • - once netbox is updated, the Data Center Equipment Asset Tags gsheet for Finance needs the serials added to it. Please note there are multiple model lines, please ensure the correct serial is listed by each model (check with @RobH on this)