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Cleanup wikitech registration page
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remember the design team cleaning up the registration page because wikipedians added so much text to it that people ignored all of it ???

We probably should cleanup the wikitech registration page.... because this is our welcome...

Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 11.42.36.png (2×2 px, 682 KB)

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Any suggestions for what to remove from that page? I agree that it is ugly, but the only things I see there that are irrelevant are the createacct-benefit-* system messages.

Wikitech accounts are really Developer accounts, and as long as we are allowing them to be created via MediaWiki rather than only dedicated tools like Striker its hard to see how to add the various disclaimers that have been requested over the years in any other way. The orange box in particular was added because of T172650: "last" command on WMF Labs/Tools allows users to view IPs of other toolforge users to help people understand that using a Developer account does not grant the exact same privacy model as a "normal" Wikimedia editing account.

See also:

If anyone comes up with actionable changes we will be glad to make them.