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[EPIC] More rebuildrecentchanges.php improvements
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The rebuildrecentchanges.php script already leaves out $wgFilterLogTypes and page creation log entries in addition to private suppression logs. But it still needs some more improvements.

List of improvements:

  • Add the ability to regenerate page categorization entries. (T178038)
  • Correctly make edits by autopatrolled users have rc_patrolled = 2. (T199474)
  • Delete autogenerated recentchanges entries not just for uploads, but also for null revisions from moves, protections, and imports. (T229458)
  • Update the ct_rc_id field to point to the new rc_id for each tagged revision. (T229461)
  • Use rev_parent_id instead of an inaccurate algorithm as rc_last_oldid. (T229463)
  • Make the autopatrolled edits pass also work correctly for wikis that only have new page patrol, but not recent changes patrol, turned on. (T229466)
  • Populate the rc_ip field with the same IP address that performed the edit for IP edits if $wgPutIPinRC is set to true, and possibly also cuc_ip from the cu_changes table if the CheckUser extension is installed.

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