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Old "digital representation of" statement panels show as grayed out [due to cache]
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This is just a notification that we are aware of the issue and its cause (old versions of the HTML are cached). If you purge the cache of a file where this problem occurs (by adding ?action=purge to the end of the URL), OR click on the "Edit" link on the statement panel, or make an edit on that page, the problem should go away.

We will link into fixing the issue via a batch process, or simply letting the caches expire over time.


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Things >30d old will expire and get proper treatment, things < 8d should already have correct html in cache.
It's just the things in between, I believe. Basically the "active enough that it *is* in cache (most likely only when bot ran), but not really too active because it's not really recent".
I believe the bad caches size is small enough, the issue trivial enough, and the tempfix (?action=purge) easy enough, that we should not put more effort into it, and just let caches expire.

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Checked this today on numerous files on production and the panels were normal. Calling this resolved.