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iOS13 [Feature] - Interactive Modal handling
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This task is to document how we should handle the default interactive modal presentation on some of our screens. Some cause bugginess or inconsistent behavior. Here are some findings from a quick audit:

  1. Onboarding shows in the interactive modal view. Can be dismissed at any time via a swipe down, but the launch screen beneath hangs afterwards.

IMG_0012.PNG (1×750 px, 229 KB)

  1. There's some inconsistency with modal vs push presentation on Settings, which makes dismissing feel a bit weird (Login vs Search vs Languages). Login and Languages dismiss to Settings, but Search dismisses to Explore because it was pushed on instead of presented.
  2. Should lists from tapping an explore cell (Top Read, etc) be the new modal look + interactively dismissible? Currently they have the same iOS12 look.
  3. Note when you interactively dismiss from a nested view in Settings, tapping gear icon takes you to the nested view instead of the root Settings view. Could be fine just not what I was expecting.
  4. Dark theme looks strange in places with this new modal look. See Settings > Languages, Settings title peeks out from underneath but looks like a cutoff bug. With dark mode semantic colors the layering would look better but that's a bigger fix.

IMG_0010 2.jpg (1×750 px, 104 KB)

From meeting (notes by @JoeWalsh, thank you!) :

Settings should be pushed onto the navigation stack [DONE]
Onboarding modals for the app and for editing should be fullscreen
Other modals can stay interactive

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Tsevener renamed this task from iOS13 Interactive Modal handling to iOS13 [Feature] - Interactive Modal handling.Aug 1 2019, 2:19 AM

From meeting:

  1. Settings should be pushed onto the navigation stack [DONE]
  2. Onboarding modals for the app and for editing should be fullscreen
  3. Other modals can stay interactive
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@JoeWalsh I'm still seeing the editing on boarding (editing mode and title descriptions) appearing as modals, but now that I've played around more with iOS13 I think it's okay to keep it this way.