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'''bold text''' glitch when word preceeded by an apostrophe
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Author: timwi

Originally submitted by fabiform (fabiform) 2004-05-05 17:22

The wikimarkup for bolding a word preceeded by an
apostrophe (very very common in French) includes the
apostrophe in the bold section, and is even more broken
for italicised words.

If I want to bold the headword in the article "homme",
I type:
L''''homme''' est

This renders as
L<b>'homme</b> est

The problem is even worse if trying to italicise:

L'''homme'' est

Renders as:

L<b>homme<i> est
so the leading apostrophe is totally lost, and "est" is
rendered as bold italic, rather than plain text.

On fr.wikipedia I've seen three ways that people deal
with the problem:

  1. ignore the fact that the leading apostrophe is bolded
  2. add a space between the L' and the word so that the

wikimarkup renders properly, but this is incorrect
grammatically, and allows a word to be split at a line

  1. use the <b> and <i> tags instead
  • Additional comments ------------------------

Date: 2004-05-20 12:06
Sender: SF user jeluf

Fixed for bold in MediaWiki 1.3.ALPHA

Hard to do this "right" for italic.

  • make software render L' ''homme'' as L'homme. Might break things in other languages, though, e.g. Jens' ''Meine Autobiografie'' in German should not be linked
  • use a new tag, like L'_''homme''
  • use the tag instead -------------------------------------------------

Date: 2004-08-06 19:50
Sender: SF user magnus_manske

Added an option ($fixLbug) to brute-force replace L' or l'
with L' in CVS HEAD

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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timwi wrote:

Quite some time ago already, I had replaced Magnus's $fixLbug idea with a better
apostrophe-handling algorithm. Additionally, my flex/bison parser also handles
this better. Closing.

timwi wrote:

*** Bug 314 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***