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Define tools/processes to help manage code reviews
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Building on what we learned during our Code Review work group discussions, we need to better define how we can support/enable the code review activity by providing the tools and process for teams to use to manage the code review workload.

@Krinkle (Gerrit Dashboards) and @WDoranWMF (Phabricator) spoke to this a bit during our 2019.07.23 session.

In addition to tooling and process, we need to figure out a way to make this available to more teams/people, so a "roll out" of sorts will need to be supported.

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In CPT we've started experimenting with SMW as a window into both gerrit and phab, we're still playing with it but @cicalese has built two interesting views:
Open Gerrit changes for Active Tasks
Task Creation vs Closure

Somewhat related (but more about helping new developers than experienced ones): T214397: Gerrit: reviewers-by-blame plugin improvements

FYI, current docs about setting up Gerrit dashboards are at

What he said :) This section reflect the process as it was used by Editing team, and has been updated by me to reflect how we still use it in the Performance team.

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