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Ensure change from git a0a27f5 is applied to extension/src/Config/SiteConfig as well
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What it says on the tin.

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The extension implementation is as follow,

	/** @inheritDoc */
	public function getParameterizedAliasMatcher( array $words ): callable {
		$words = MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getMagicWordFactory()
			->newArray( $words );
		return function ( $text ) use ( $words ) {
			$ret = $words->matchVariableStartToEnd( $text );
			if ( $ret[0] === false ) {
				return null;
			} else {
				return [ 'k' => $ret[0], 'v' => $ret[1] ];

parseMatch used in matchVariableStartToEnd says wrt to $ret[1],

  • If there is no parameter value, that element will be false.

but that's only if the magic word isn't parameterized. Since our function here is getParameterizedAliasMatcher, that shouldn't be an issue. Otherwise, it doesn't look like it has a problem capturing the empty string as a value, as in the fix referenced in the title.