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Vallila allotment garden museum pilot
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Please comment how you think would be best to work with the following content in Wikidocumentaries. You may unsubscribe to avoid further notifications, if you wish (or ping someone interested in this)!

A list of historical plants in the garden


  • A gallery component in the topic page based on a custom query.
  • The gallery can also be included in a local article.
  • See ticket T229999


  • Create a data collection data type or use existing Wikidata properties to express the collection?
  • Including a Wikidocumentaries (Vue) gallery into an article (MediaWiki page) does not make sense. If this would be needed, Listeria list could be a replacement.
  • Instead, the list could be a custom query on the topic page. How to architect this component?

The cultural and stylistic history of the allotment garden


  • A local article with embedded images from Wikimedia Commons (or other openly licensed images on the web).
  • Create links in the article text to Wikidata items (later also Wikidocumentaries items)
  • Link the article to the Wikidata item of the museum. Data modelling for this.
  • Display the article in a suitable component: "Testimonials" or "Writings" including either anything user-contributed or only texts/videos/certain types of content.


  • Enable VisualEditor on Wikidocumentaries wiki
  • Require images to be stored in Wikimedia Commons first.
  • Extend Visual Editor with an option to make Wikidata-based links. Plan for also local Wikibase links.
  • Link the article perhaps via a local Wikibase item for the museum linking between the Wikidata items and the article in the local wiki
  • Create "Testimonials" or "Writings" component

Microhistorical stories and interviews of old people


  • User-contributed video interview or local article


  • Video hosted in a specific external service
  • Tagging the media metadata to make it available to Wikidocumentaries
  • Read the link to the video into Wikidocumentaries via an API call
  • Create content component "Testimonials" or "Videos"


  • Local article as above

Drone imagery from the area

What and how

  • Drone imagery as a map overlay: Save hi-res image into Wikimedia Commons, georectify with Wikimaps Warper and read into Wikidocumentaries as part of the Map component actions
  • Drone imagery as an image: Make images available in a specific service, tag with a Wikidocumentaries tagging scheme and read via API to the Images section. OR Save images directly to Wikimedia Commons and describe with P180
  • Drone imagery as video: Like video above. Display in section "Videos"? How to make more out of the video?

Historical maps and images


  • Display images found in archives in the Images section and maps in the Map section as an option for an overlay.


  • Make sure they are found with the available data in Wikidata. Add data to the Wikidata item if needed.
  • Enhance search options if possible.
  • Possibly add new repositories to the API.
  • Directly add media to Wikimedia Commons .