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OTRS received and OTRS pending to the list of CommunityTech DR's
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I suggest to add "Template:OTRS received" and "Template:OTRS pending" to the list of CommunityTech DR's. These templates are also deletion tags. These templates means that if the OTRS process did not complet, the file will be deleted (about 30 days or more).

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Geagea created this task.Aug 4 2019, 12:47 AM
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CommunityTech DR's

@Geagea: Can you provide more context / links please? Where to see "CommunityTech DR's"?
Also see - thanks!

Geagea added a comment.EditedAug 4 2019, 10:47 AM

A. This is not bug report but suggestion to improvement.

B. CommunityTech notifying in article talk pages about DR's and speedy deletions. the list of DR's include:
Deletion request (DR)
No permission (NP) - speedy deletion
No source (NS) - speedy deletion
DW No source (ND) - speedy deletion
and more speedy deletion tags

I'm suggestion to add also
OTRS received
OTRS pending
Which are actually deletion templets in Commons.

Ah, thanks. Is this about the "Commons deletion notification bot" maybe? Or about the Community-Tech bot instead?

Geagea added a comment.EditedAug 4 2019, 2:16 PM

yes "Commons deletion notification bot".