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IP was blocked, but no block was found
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4 years ago an IP was blocked on German Wikipedia [1] indefinite. But there is no warning an the Special:Block page [2] and the API result does not know anything about the block [3].


Version: 1.16.x
Severity: trivial



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There is no entry in the dewiki database.
mysql> select * from ipblocks where ipb_address = '';
Empty set (0.44 sec)

It is in the logging table.

mysql> select count(*) from logging where (log_id > 18288 and log_id < 23772 or log_id > 77698 and log_id < 99000 or log_id > 226000 and log_id < 290000) and log_namespace = 2 and log_type = 'block' and log_title = '';

> 17

This looks like an isolated case.

And earlier on ENWP

Have you tried to unblock it and reblock it?

If you want to check that there are no other missing blocks, compare the logging table with the ipblocks table.

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