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Homepage: add context to mentorship module
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This task is about showing a short introduction message in the mentor module to newcomers letting them know what a mentor is and why they have one for Wikipedia.

Desktop mockup and mobile mockups

Redline versions are in the Growth Zeplin board

This adds a little banner to the top of the mentorship module explaining mentorship. The banner has a "X" to dismiss it, at which point it is permanently dismissed. It reads: "All newcomer are assigned an experienced editor to answer questions about editing."

Note that on mobile, the mentorship preview card will contain the message until the 'banner' has been dismissed in the module.

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Hey @RHo, actually the latest iteration already displayed the message on top of the mentor's username. The message was then auto-dismissed only when the user did ask a question to their mentor. See animation below (taken from T223135#5372483)

I have also iterated the design to show a dismissible message, so that the user is more likely to read it (a downside of the previous solution could be that the user would click on CTA before actually reading the intro message):

My personal preference would be for version A -- version B being less clean in terms of visual feel, version C being potentially the most appropriate action there but also problematic with translations.

The dismiss action could be animated as per mockup below:

(because of compression the animation is not showing the grey message box, but it's supposed to be there)

This ticket is ready for development implementing the mentor introduction message as a dismissible tooltip within the mentor module as per @Cntlsn's last mocks (version A) and interaction.

I do have updated visual styling of that message (border, bgcolor, padding) that would be a part of style updates to all modules on the newcomer homepage though, as per T232546. So we can discuss whether to hold off until the T232546 so styling is changed once only.

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Thanks, @RHo. I am moving this back to "Upcoming Work", since it's not strictly necessary for newcomer tasks.

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