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Homepage: Surface mentor answers more prominently in the mentor module
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User job story:
When I have asked my mentor a question in the newcomer homepage...
I want to it to be clear when they have answered the question...
So that I can read their advice to help with my editing as soon as possible.

Currently when users ask their mentor a question, their question and answers are posted after the mentor introduction, so it's hard to notice when their question has been answered. This is particularly problematic on Mobile when the 'overview' version of the module only shows the mentor intro.

Mobile overview (note the "recent questions" are not visible)

Proposed solution
When a newcomer has posted a question, hide/reduce the introductory information shown about the mentor, and emphasize the question and answers.

Latest design exploration from @Cntlsn from T223215#5252681:

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RHo created this task.Aug 5 2019, 11:59 AM
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hi @MMiller_WMF @Cntlsn @JTannerWMF - I extracted this from discussions in T223215, imagine it is medium to low priority though and therefore for Q1 or Q2.

Cntlsn added a comment.Aug 5 2019, 1:31 PM

Thanks @RHo for putting this together!

It looks like this task T220753 is also related, and part of the proposed design there is addressing this same issue.
Specifically, part of the specifications at T220753#5321044 are proposing further solutions for highlighting mentor's answers:

  • Adding a badge to the mentor module icon
  • Adding a dot (same color as the icon badge) right next to the answered question
  • The text below the title of the answered question, listed under "Your recent questions", will change from "Posted X [time] ago" to "Answered X [time] ago"
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Moving to Q2 per T229808#5392199