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Check 2 h

  • delete spam
  • answer e-mails that are within your area of expertise
  • forward e-mails you can't answer to someone who can

Mail management, 1 h

  • open mail
  • send mail when needed
  • buy new stamps when needed

Check received payments 1,5 h

  • login to Swedbank and export lists of received payments from Swish and Bankgiro
  • register membership fees in the membership management system, update the list with the verification number
  • add information about the other payments to the lists and send to the accounting bureau
  • use the lists to send thank you notices for donations

Membership management 1,5 h

  • add new members who have received an invoiced to the log with invoiced members
  • check the log with invoiced members
    • send reminders for unpaid invoices
    • call persons whose reminder payment day has passed
  • remove members who have not paid after being reminded
  • check Swish logg and Paypal logg, and contact members who might need an invoice

Document registration 1 h

Collect documents
  • print e-mails
  • collect physical documents
Add documents to register
  • create an entry for each document in the register
  • write the log number on each document
Scan and save digital documents
  • scan the documents
  • name the documents
  • save the documents in the correct folders
Put the physical documents in a binder
  • put the physical documents in the correct binder

Invoices, receipts and other documents for accounting 5 h

Collect documents
  • open mail
  • send digital invoices and receipts to info@
  • get documents from the internal mail box
Allocate costs

[Needs updating]

Save and send

[Needs updating]

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@Jenny_Brandt_WMSE Is there anything to do in this task or is it just a useful overview?

@Lokal_Profil It is only for overview - should I remove it? I have everything in the drive - document (organisationassistent)