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Edit conflict with section=new
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Currently submitting an edit after an intervening new section (&section=new) in many cases results in edit conflict. Even for a section edit where two chunks have zero overlap. IMHO when the current edit form is section=something, then it is safe enough to proceed with the edit without conflicting with the new section. The only necessary precaution results from the possibility that the thing added with section=new does not necessarily begin from a valid =…= heading.


If anybody is interested, Ī̲ can formulate a more stringent criterion for saving the section=something edit, which avoids some of remaining loopholes for unintended effects.

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@Incnis_Mrsi: Could you please answer the last comment? Thanks!

This sounds like a duplicate of T43338?

“paragraphs, categories, templates…” – no way, Ī̲ don’t propose to fit MediaWiki with AI. Only several checks based on a dumb (sub)section tree-like model of the page.

Which code areas did you investigate?

MediaWiki code? Did not look there at all.

Also see

Marginally tangential. As stated, “my” problem is about an extant-section edit submitted after an intervening section=new. Not about a new-section edit which corrupts data on its immediate saving – that might be a bug, but don’t blame me for it.


Low specificity. Again, “my” problem is about intervening section=new edits, not edit conflicts in general.

And this, of course, is not a duplicate of T59264.

"And this, of course, is a duplicate of T59264."

And "of course" that previous sentence that I just wrote is not too helpful, as it offers zero argumentation.
An argumentation should pick up some existing sentences and refer to them. I have no idea why stuff like "AI" was even mentioned in a previous comment.
It's also not too helpful to argue about code logic when not having looked at any code at all.