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In Space blog the "No comments" link doesn't work
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E.g. at
the text "No Comments" at top is linking to
but there's no existing #respond anchor in the HTML, so the page doesn't scroll when we click it.

It does work as expected if there are 1 or more comments, but it uses a different anchor-target (#comments), which might be the problem above. I.e.
the text "1 Comment" at top is linking to

Ah, yes, if I hack the URL to use that #comments anchor, then the link works. E.g.

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@hdothiduc Did you work on this theme changes? Does this ring a bell?

I actually think this might be my doing. I moved some elements around so that the end of an article (where the author box, metadata, and comments appear) works differently. This may have broken the Comments anchor from Discourse. I'll investigate.