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Dig into Active Editors - what can we find out about the increases in new and returning active editors?
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Thu, Aug 8, 1:00 AM

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Looked into Active Editor data using Neil's movement metrics notebooks. Need to confirm findings before finalizing the values. added a comment.EditedWed, Aug 14, 6:56 PM

Here are the findings from our analysis on Active Editors data:

  • Type of Active Editor:

Of the two broad classifications of active editors - New and Returning, we observed YoY increases in both categories.

  • Project:

Reviewed the top projects that accounted for the largest portion of contributors in June. There were YoY increases for most projects but the highest was observed on Commons Wiki, which had a significant rise of 94.5% in new editors and 12.4% rise in returning editors, and Wikidata wiki which had a rise of 18.3% in new editors and 5% rise in returning editors. The English wikipedia (enwiki) reported a rise in 3% for new editors and a decrease of 5% for returning editors.

When compared with other wikis, Commons and Wikidata have indicated a steady rise in editors over the past 12 months. This could be attributed to several events that are launched on these platforms during this time of year such as Wiki Love Earth 2019 , Wiki Loves Pride 2019, STEM Women Contest in UKWP
(Source reference can be found here:

Monthly New Active Editors

Monthly New Active Editors YoY Comparison

Monthly returning Active Editors

Monthly Returning Editors YoY Comparison

  • Platform:

Editing platforms indicates a YoY increase in editors that prefer to use mobile web and mobile app to make edits.

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Thank you, Maya!