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Show thumbnails when searching depicts in structured data on Commons
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Posted on the SDC talk page:

In the Upload Wizard, I am asked to choose depictions.

  • Problem: It is hard to guess which is the one I meant, especially when my locale (not English) has very few Wikidata labels and even less descriptions. Imagine the screenshot at the right without the descriptions and thumbnails.
  • Solution: Display thumbnails based on each item's P18.

Why is this important? Because people are already misclassifying pictures using the Upload Wizard. I searched for depictions of in the Commons Android app, and observed that two thirds of the images are misclassified.

All items that are often selected as depictions already have a P18, fortunately.

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Here's the screenshot

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i think this is a really cool idea btw.

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Strongly Support.... especially when choosing people its a great help to see a picture to qualify which person is behind a Qnumber... I guess as Wikidata grows we will have more "same name" problems so a picture is one way to qualify a depict that is language independent... in the future support suggestions and e.g. face recognition would be helpful...

The Inaturalist app is doing machine learning (link) i.e. you start with a picture of a plant and get a suggestions showing pictures (did test the app with @Andrawaag in Stockholm this weekend)

Big +1 on the problem statement this is trying to solve. We need more 'clues' to help people find the correct item when entering structured data. I have seen many first-time and advanced users make mistakes here. And I notice that many Wikidata items don't have good descriptions in many languages (yet).

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