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Newcomer tasks: specify purging strategy
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Along with the schema(s) being developed for the newcomer tasks feature in T230068, we also need to specify exactly which fields should and should not be purged after 90 days. This information should be recorded on the talk page(s) of the schema(s), and communicated to Analytics Engineering for them to implement.

We will also need to test that purging is happening correctly 90 days after the feature is deployed.

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kostajh moved this task from Inbox to Q1 2019-20 on the Growth-Team board.Aug 19 2019, 12:11 PM

Seems like something for us to sort out in Q1 but @MMiller_WMF feel free to move.

We should start thinking about this soon.

Nuria added a subscriber: Nuria.Nov 1 2019, 7:28 PM

FYI that is simply not possible for us to implement any "custom" purging strategies. Please include us on those discussions.