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Minoredit accesskey conflicts (not working) on Chrome
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The accesskey for minoredits SHIFT+ALT+I (Windows) is natively (keyboard shortcut) occupied on Chrome (long time, I guess 2 years, but the MediaWiki since 2003?) for bug report (window).
So we can say Google is working against Wikimedia and the question is, is this a Chrome bug? (I asked and reported there too)

Workaround: You need a way to the internal hidden Chrome settings or installing an extra App.
(PS: As Wikimedia is now a member of the W3C as Google Chrome, they could talk together ;-))

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@Perhelion: What is "bug report (window)"? No, nobody "is working against" so no need for accusation. One can also talk without being W3C members...

Hey @Aklapper "working against": this was indeed only a not serious metaphor ("we can say", or this only my bad English :P).

What is "bug report (window)"?

Also called Report/Feedback

PS: There is no open bug report because Chrome seems not to have one anymore (only Chromium As suggested (from this feedback window), I posted instead in the "community forum" with no response.