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Tech Talks Proposal November 2019: Wikidata, behind the curtain
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Wikidata is a complex and large-scale project. We all know how to use it and how to contribute to it but it's a little bit hard to understand how it actually works, how it scales and what parts are tricky about it. To lots of developers, it's a black box and this is not good. This talk plans to explain internals of Wikidata to other developers and explain future changes to Wikidata on its technical layer.

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Ladsgroup created this task.Aug 8 2019, 7:16 PM
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@Ladsgroup Yay! So excited to have you do a tech talk!!! This is a great topic!

Would you be interested in presenting in Nov or December? Let me know, and we will work out a date and time!

November would be great! I hope you will like it ^_^

Yes! I think it will be great!

I'm going to send you and invitation for Nov as a placeholder. We can adjust the time to work for you.

I'll add it to the upcoming talks:

I usually start sending announcements a few weeks before the talk, but you should feel free to start letting folks know you will be giving one.

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