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Newcomer tasks: investigate topic matching
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Two of the largest engineering challenges with the newcomer tasks project are:

  • Which kinds of tasks to recommend and how to find them?
  • How to align the articles with the newcomer's interests?

This task is about some initial technical investigations around the second challenge of aligning the articles to a newcomer's interests. We should keep in mind that our goal with the initial version of the feature is to have task recommendations, but they may not be the most refined or accessible tasks -- that will come in later versions. What we want to figure out is:

  • Which of the potential approaches to matching tasks looks most promising for an initial version?
  • Do any of the approaches look most technically in reach?
  • What kind of work would we expect to do for the different approaches?
  • What potential technical issues or risks should we look out for?
  • Any other thoughts, engineering or otherwise.

The full details are in this section of our planning document. Here is the summary:

The results of this investigation should go into the Google Doc.

Event Timeline

This investigation is ready for development.

Moving into in progress as we have been adding comments and content to the doc.

MMiller_WMF closed this task as Resolved.Aug 28 2019, 11:29 PM

@kostajh and @Catrope have put thorough notes in the planning document and the team has discussed. The investigation is complete, and now we'll move on to prototyping, which will be ticketed separately.